從LA開車到San Diego是行駛5號往南,中途公路南向有個休息點Vista Point看海(33.3144,-117.4827),風景並不特別,但海鷗飛翔,面對的緩坡斷崖時間對的話,有野生土撥鼠鑽動,春天野花遍野。再往南公路旁有Carlsbad Premium Outlets卡爾斯巴德品牌直銷購物中心可休息購物,Palomar Airport Rd下往東即是,隔壁東側迎向太平洋的山坡是歷史性The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch卡爾斯巴德花田,簡稱The Flower Fields,約從三月初到五月中開放,是花期最長的賞花勝地之一。Carlsbad種植觀賞花卉的歷史始於20年代初,1921年Luther Gage開始在Carlsbad種植花卉,他和Olive Carey結婚並為她在附近建了座漂亮的房子。Luther Gage從英國進口Ranunculus花毛茛(ㄍㄣˋ)種子栽種,是Ranunculus毛茛屬植物,學名是Ranunculus asiaticus花毛茛,或稱Persian Buttercup波斯毛茛,起於歐亞間俗稱洋牡丹。因花毛茛花型似較小牡丹花,株姿玲瓏秀美,花色豐富豔麗,當時確認花毛茛很適合生長在這氣候溫和、排水良好的沙質地區。Luther Gage的鄰居Frank Frazee原本種植蔬菜,1933年也學習開始栽種Ranunculus花毛茛。 Search thousands of hotels & vacation rentals. Travelzoo has gained a variety of accolades for its high quality, particularly in the case of worldwide flights. Examine these widespread options to make journey companies affordable. You’ll get (fortunately) misplaced in this mesmerizing map , which lays out attractions by sites

29) At , you’ll be able to see how your miles convert between packages, find out about adjustments to your frequent-flier program and discover find out how to maximize the value of your mileage awards if you redeem them for merchandise or companies. 5) will assist you construct a reasonable, overseas flight plan by using native, finances airlines — a great way to save lots of on worldwide journey.

Skyscanner compares thousands and thousands of flights to find you the most cost effective deal, quick. About 27 million members can’t be wrong: Travelzoo has grow to be a well-liked venue for great financial savings, as the positioning has partnered with over 2,000 firms. In addition, some corporations, notably travel search engines like google and yahoo, let prospects examine rates with different fashionable journey sites with a purpose to be certain they’re getting the most effective value.

Trip Choice refers to what sorts of journey deals are available on the website and the other ways consumers can seek for them. They could need to use travel websites with connections to lodges, airlines and rental automobile firms everywhere in the sites

Domestic travelers need websites that allow them concentrate on offers within their own international locations. 18) For a very great deal, try trading locations with different travelers. These cellular instruments can be utilized to search for and book travel offers and consider the itinerary of upcoming or past sites

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